Relax And Enjoy A Four- Rotor Mazda RX- 7 Pushed To Its Limits On A Dyno

Rob Dahm’s four- rotor Mazda RX- 7 managed to pump out1.145 hp and 925 lb- ft of necklace at the bus

It may have taken popular automotive YouTuber Rob Dahm further than six times to make his four- rotor Mazda RX- 7 but the finished auto was unveiled at last time’s SEMA Show and was lately strapped onto a dyno for some performance testing.

FD- generation Mazda RX- 7s like the bone that Dahm owns firstly left the plant with a1.3- liter binary- turbocharged, two- rotor machine pumping out 252 hp and roughly 216 lb- ft( 294 Nm) of necklace. still, Mazda did make a four- rotor auto in the forming of the Le Mans- winning Mazda 787B. Likely inspired by this race auto, Dahm set about erecting a four- rotor Mazda RX- 7 of his veritably own.

With the sports auto strapped to the dyno, Dahm performs the first run on 10 psi. He also gradationally increases the boost pressure in posterior runs, upping it to 14 psi, also 25 psi, 30 psi, and eventually, 35 psi. The numbers it delivers during the 30 psi and 35 psi runs are really commodity to behold. Indeed, it churned out1.124 hp and 841 lb- ft(1.140 lbs) of necklace at all four bus on 30 psi and also1.145 hp and 925 lb- ft(1.254 Nm) of necklace at 35 psi.

Making those numbers all the more emotional is the fact that the machine of the 787B Le Mans racer could churn out a outside of 900 hp but was limited at 700 hp during the race.

The each- wheel drive system of Dahm’s RX- 7 was actually espoused from a Nissan GT- R and ensures that the auto is suitable to put all of its power to the ground.