Mercedes- Benz Set to Kill Most Coupes and Carts in Its Lineup

In the coming times, Mercedes- Benz will drastically reshape its portfolio. A number of two- door coupes, carts, and SUV coupes are fated for termination. Going forward, anticipate a lesser focus on top- end variants from AMG and Maybach, as well assuper-exclusive Mythos models.

In May 2022, Mercedes- Benz outlined its rearmost long- term strategic plan, which involves drastically resizing and reshaping its massive product portfolio to move indeed further upscale and come indeed more profitable. At the time, the automaker didn’t give a full explanation of how it plans to do so, but now we’ve a important clearer idea of what is fated for the guillotine and what new models we can anticipate.

Only 14 of 33 Body Styles Will Survive

We talked to several top directors in Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen to find out exactly why they believe that carts, coupes, and convertibles have an uncertain future — or no future at all. supposedly, it has to do with the brand’s new understanding of luxury. Mercedes intends to conform its unborn products to prepare them for extended substantiated mobility services, ease the pressure on the motorist, and review critter comfort as a crucial brand value. The new model blend may boost gains, but it contains smaller emotional products. Grounded on what we have seen, of the 33 body styles Mercedes presently offers between Europe and theU.S., only 14 will survive.

” At the end of the day, we simply do not need estate buses ( carts) or underperforming two- door immolations to boost volumes,” a elderly member of Mercedes- Benz’s strategy platoon told Auto and motorist.” The most essential rudiments of sustainable contemporary luxury buses are space and time… That is our number one precedence — not another fancy body style, a model that only works in Europe, or one last stab at a dying member.”

The C- class andE-class coupes and convertibles will cease to live eventually between 2023 and 2024, to be replaced by a brace of two- door CLE- class models. Current coupe- suchlike SUVs and cruisers are not long for this world, moreover. The CLS- class will depart in 2024, and the sharper AMG GT 4 Door will follow along in 2024 or 2025. New generations of GLE and GLC Coupes will debut in the coming times, but after that, their lineages will also end.

Goodbye to the Firing Brake

Effects are more dire for suckers of carts and shooting thickets in Europe. The Europe- request C- class cart will be gone after 2028. latterly this time, we’ll see the coming- generationE-class, which will generate the automaker’s last cart, bidding farewell at the end of its product run in 2030. The coming- word CLA- class, which will ride on the MMA electric platform and is due to debut in 2025, will be the brand’s last firing boscage ( in Europe).

There are still some intriguing vehicles on the horizon, however. latterly this time, Mercedes- AMG will launch the new GT coupe; it’ll be grounded on the current SL roadster, which will also expand its lineup with a new Maybach immolation. In 2026, we will see a new four- door coupe, as well as a coming- generation SL with further weight and hinder- seat space, and a new AMG GT coupe, all of which will be electric. And speaking of EVs, the MMA platform will also serve as the backbone for a chunky GLG- class SUV in 2026.

As this new group way into the limelight, we can anticipate to see further spacious batteries( up to150.0 kWh), power labors approaching quadruple integers, and maximum ranges pushing toward the 500- afar mark on the European WLTP cycle. Maximum charging pets should expand to 270 kilowatts, too, thanks to a lesser reliance on 800- volt electrical systems.

AMG Getting further Attention

Since Mercedes- Benz’s more exclusive corners will be prioritized going forward, we can anticipate to see a lesser focus on AMG models, as well as Maybach — in fact, there’s indeed talk of anultra-ritzy V- class van. The wildest creations, however, will come from the OEM’s new Mythos series of hyperactive- precious collectibles. There are some veritably interesting propositions then, including a Gullwing reincarnation, a four- door G- class volley truck, and a racy scrambler grounded on the SL.