Honda turns up the heat as Civic Type R arrives in UAE

Honda’s all-new Civic Type R has just roared into the UAE.

The new appearance is one of the brand’s most fearsome creations yet, having just broken speed records for a front- wheel drive auto at Germany’s Nurburgring racetrack.

As similar, Honda is touting the Type R as the ultimate hot door.

The auto is powered by a 2- litre, 4- cylinder turbocharged machine, able of twiddling out 315 power and 420Nm of necklace.

All that grunt in a small( ish) vehicle gives it a 0- 100 km time of lower than five seconds, which should maximise the excitement situations given that the Type R is low to the ground.

Honda’s masterminds have given the new appearance a satiny look and a more rigid body structure, performing, they say, in both bettered dynamics and superior situations of refinement.

The Type R now has a larger tulle and more generous radiator than ever ahead in a shot to keep the machine cool in hot conditions, or when the motorist feels like putting their bottom down.

A major part of the approach Honda espoused when it came to the design of the Type R was to give the motorist wide sightlines and, logically, to minimise any eyeless spots.

Honda Sensing, a motorist help system, is now a point of the Type R, as well as the new Honda Log R which monitors performance- related data in real time.

Civics were first introduced 50 times agone, with the Type R variant now celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Guests in the Middle East have had to stay to get their hands on the Type R, as the auto was first revealed encyclopedically in 2022.

The auto is available at showrooms across the Emirates now, with a starting price of Dh 199,900.