For $29,000, Would You Pickup This Jaguar XJ8 Ute Conversion?

Somewhere in the world exists a person who decided that a 1998 Jaguar XJ8 demanded to have a volley truck bed rather of four seats. That person created the thing that you see then and now it can be yours. That’s right, conceivably the only Jaguar XJ8 Ute on the earth is available to buy right now.

The 1998 Jaguar XJ8 came with a V8 machine plant rated at 290 hp( 216 kW) slept to a five- speed automatic transmission and hinder- wheel drive. originally intended as a luxury hydrofoil, the builder of this creation easily had other pretensions.

According to the selling dealer, Classic Auto Mall, the auto has,841 long hauls on the odometer. With that kind of avail, we ’re veritably impressed with how clean the innards, what’s left wing of it anyway, looks. The leather has some wearing but overall the gusto, door panels, and upholstery are in great condition.

On top of that, the machine cube looks super clean too. Indeed the customized body panels appear nearly plant- finished. The bed itself features a tailgate that operates like any other volley truck and there’s indeed a little sliding window from the cabin to the bed. Is all that worth$,000 though? We ca n’t be sure and as of this jotting, the bidding on eBay has n’t indeed met the reserve.

Keep in mind that on the used- auto request, the normal interpretation of this auto with this kind of avail goes for around$,000 each over the place. perhaps it’s the capability to go to a drive- in movie theatre and lay in the reverse to watch the film that makes this ute worth knockouts of thousands further than its four- door counterpart.

After a little internet sleuthing, we believe that this is the same Jaguar XJ8 Ute proved on a YouTube channel called David Colvin. There, we see a number of vids of the figure process on an XJ8 that looks identical down to the makeup color, bus, and ute body lines. We ’ve reached out to the YouTube channel to confirm if these are indeed the same auto. Anyhow of that, it’s a enough intriguing figure.