Florida tuner gives old Ford Mustang a new Mustang machine and lattice

Though the form may be familiar, it’s no less appetising, nor succulent. A Florida- grounded tuner called haste ultramodern Classics has revealed its rearmost restomod immolation, which takes the form of the tasteful Mk1 Ford Mustang Fastback you see over.

While you scurry around trying to suddenly find the finances necessary to buy such an item, a many details that, formerly again, numerous regularTopGear.com compendiums will probably be familiar with.

VMC starts with a brand new ‘ Roadster Shop ’ lattice( a new, purpose erected spec frame devoid of rust and holes and fifty times of neglect), said to point “ exceptional stability and running ”. To this new essence comes completely independent front and four- link hinder suspense with malleable Fox coilovers. So it ’ll lift and steer better than the ’67 auto, in any case.

It ’ll also be vastly briskly, thanks to the fitment of a Gen III5.0- litre Runner V8( the bone in the most recent Mustang) which delivers its 460bhp and 420 lb ft of necklace to the hinder bus in a much more critical fashion, via either a ten- speed automatic or six- speed primer gearbox. We ’re told there’s a custom pristine sword exhaust so noise should not be an issue.

Nor should stopping the thing, thanks to Baer four- piston calipers and massive discs all round, together with a Bosch ‘ iBooster ’ that “ ensures the Mustang stops on a song ”. They hide behind 17in aluminium blends, while the surface variations run to custom makeup, a vented bonnet, lots of chrome and of course, LED lights. This is a restomod after all.

The interior’s had a formerly- over too, featuring vast quantities of leather, pail seats, and details like brushed essence and chrome componentry.

Should one bear further haste from their classic Mustangs, haste offers what it calls a ‘ Street Series ’ that gets a carbon fibre driveshaft, better coilovers, bigger bus and contending stripes, the ultimate of which – as you know – add at least one hundred power. Or so we heard.

“ We set out to capture the dateless substance of the original while furnishing the performance and safety of a ultramodern vehicle, ” said VMC master Jeremy Hans. “ We surely fulfilled that with our rearmost creation. ”

No word on price, but as per the now-familiar form, it ’ll probably be a big bone.