Daihatsu’s test reproach engulfs SUV model for Japan request

Daihatsu said Friday that it has set up misconduct in its crash tests for a mongrel SUV model for the Japanese request amid a growing reproach over its data tests.

Daihatsu, a unit of Toyota, stopped shipments and deals of the mongrel model of the Rocky small SUV the same day. The vehicle is also vended by the parent company as the Raize.

The development came after analogous misconduct came to light in April with Daihatsu vehicles for overseas requests.

As of Thursday, accretive deals of the Rocky and Raize mongrel models stood at 22,329 and at 56,111 units, independently.

Daihatsu has not yet decided whether to conduct a recall, company officers said.

Daihatsu President Soichiro Okudaira told an online news conference that his company has not linked any safety problems with the affected vehicle grounded on available data.

The company will conduct fresh safety tests on the vehicle.

“ We’ll carry out reform at the field position while facing up to( the reproach) as a operation problem, ” Okudaira said.

The company detected the misconduct in side impact tests on Thursday and reported it to the transport ministry on Friday.

Daihatsu had denied any irregularities involving domestic models when publicizing similar wrongdoing on four overseas models in April.

On Monday, Daihatsu set up a third- party commission to probe the reproach.